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Are you interested in becoming a member of the Stanislaus Dental Society, California Dental Association and the American Dental Association (tripartite) or in transferring from another component? Becoming a member of the tripartite offers many rewards!

SDS Member Benefits

CDA Member Benefits

ADA Member Benefits

How to become a new member

Register directly online with CDA (make sure to have your license number handy):

CDA New Member Application

Are you a member changing your practice address and transferring to the Stanislaus Dental Society? 

Contact your current dental society and inform them of your change in location; they will take care of the rest!

Time to renew?

The following link will give you the option of paying your dues online in full or completing an EDP (electronic debit payment) form, (see below):

Renew online!

**Good news!

CDA also offers an Electronic Debit Payment  (EDP) plan so you can have your payments deducted from your checking account and spread out monthly over the course of the year. You can view this option when renewing through the CDA renewal process online.

Would you like to become a provider for the Stanislaus Medical/Dental Foundation? 

A Foundation provider is a dentist contracted by the Stanislaus Medical/Dental Foundation for the purpose of making their professional services available to third party payors of dental care costs. To become a provider, you must first be a member of the tripartite (ADA, CDA and a CA dental society). To become a tripartite member, complete the Membership Application link above. Once you have been notified that you are now a member of the tripartite, you will be asked to complete the following form and return to the SDS office by fax or mail.  

SDF Provider Application

You can submit completed forms to the Stanislaus Dental Society office by:

Mail: 2401 E. Orangeburg Ave. Ste. 675-319 Modesto, CA 95355


FAX: (209) 522-9448



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