Consider a career in Dental Assisting!

Why should you consider a career in Dental Assisting?

Major Job Security — People will always need to visit the dentist. Without dental assistants, a dental office cannot function effectively or efficiently so dental offices will require trained and qualified dental assistants to run their businesses. The skill sets will always be in high demand.

Rewarding and Fulfilling Work — You can make a positive difference in patient’s lives by comforting them when they’re nervous, helping improve their smile appearance, and be a right hand to the practicing dentist.

Great Pay Potential — A career in dental assisting can pay off, especially when you consider the minimal amount of required education.  In a few as ten weeks, you can begin your exciting healthcare career and start earning money.

Many Opportunities for Growth — While working in a dental office you will learn what it takes to run a dental office. There you can continue your dental knowledge to further your career and with some additional training, you can go on to become an office manager, insurance professional, dental hygienist, and more!

Flexibility — Being a dental assistant affords flexible opportunities.  You can choose to work full-time or part-time in an office, work at more than one facility, or work weekends and evenings. This could be helpful if you’re also busy raising a family!

How do I become a Dental Assistant?

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Dental Assistant Career Path - growth opportunities!

Dental Assistants in California-What would I do?

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