Classified List - Posting Guidelines

Classifieds listed on this site are a FREE service for SDS members. This space is not for vendors to sell product/space. Please use the following guidelines before you submit a new ad.

Contact the society office, 522-6033, if you are interested in placing a classified ad.  The ad should be brief, descriptive, and a contact number should be included. Ads run for 90 days. Contact the SDS office if you need to repost.

SDS Classifieds are for members who:

- Need to rent office space

- Looking for an associate

- Want to sell/purchase a practice

- Want to sell/buy practice dental equipment

Do not post:

- To fill staff job openings (contact the SDS office for resumes)

- For personal purposes (i.e., sell a vehicle, waterski equipment, etc.)


Contact the SDS office, (209) 522-6033, if you have any questions.

For technical questions and comments regarding this website,
please contact the Webmaster.