SDS Summer Dental Symposium'19

This document will provide you with more information about the start of you Symposium journey!

Following are speaker handout links for the upcoming Summer Dental Symposium. Attendees are responsible for downloading handouts for each registered course. It is recommended printing two-sided to conserve paper.

Dr. Nate Lawson - Modern Ceramic Review - This is his website. Click the top link Lectures/Handouts. It is recommended you do not download his course handouts until the day prior to the Symposium as he has stated he will be tweaking the slides until then. 

Dudney - Rehabilitation of Difficult and Unusual Cases

Dudney - Restoring the Worn Dentition

Schmedding - No handout. He will email his presentation upon request at the Symposium


Huff - No handout.


Whaley - Sexual Harassment


Taylor - THC and Teeth - This handout is HUGE, about 126 pages! The print was too small to see it when adding more slides to a page. You might want to download the file into a folder, review it at a later date and just take notes during the presentation.

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